Since I will conducting all business under Steep Dev and not Ben Albaugh, I will no longer accept business communication under my personal channels. Instead, please use the following:

Email: (2x emergency rate applies) (invoices send from this address)

Meeting Requests

Reserve a time for a phone or video call at:

Rates are not changing until at least January 2020. Steep Dev charges a 10% late fee for invoices not paid after 30 days and 2x normal rate for emergency requests not covered by a maintenance plan.

Not at this time but the long term plan is to keep Steep Dev small and focused. The new structure is a better foundation for providing more value to our clients.

All invoices May 1 or later will be under Steep Dev, so for tax purposes you may need to send a 1099 for both Ben Albaugh and Steep Dev.

If you need a W9 for Steep Dev, please request one by emailing

Please send any additional questions to Thanks so much for your continued support!